Christmas Eve Crisis


Help Santa send presents all around the world


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Christmas Eve Crisis is a platform game specially thought for these Christmas days due to the environmrnt and the theme of the game.

What you have to do in the game is to control Santa CLaus in his task of sending presents to children houses as soon as possible.

Christmas Eve Crisis is divided into ten levels whose difficulty will be higher as long as you pass the previous one. Use arrow keys to go forward or backwards and spacebar to catch presents or jump.

You have to walk and run the faster you can, catch the presents and go to the different houses to leave them. You are in a hurry, you can send presents only at night, if dawn breaks and you haven't completed your mission, you'll fail the mission and some children will not enjoy Christmas.

Graphics are good and carols are the soundtrack of the game. Although it's a bit easy, it's perfect for children..
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